About APSS



The Aviation Preservation Society of Scotland (APSS) is a volunteer group working at the National Museum of Flight, East Lothian, Scotland. The society is self governing and independent of the Museum. Since its inception in 1973 the Society has two principal aims: providing its members with interesting and educational work concerned with the subject of aviation and to provide the Museum, when required, with volunteer support.

The Society has around 120 members of which an average of 30 'working' members meet every Wednesday or Thursday at the National Museum of Flight. The work carried out by APSS is split between purely APSS projects and acting as museum volunteers supporting museum restoration/conservation projects.

Additionally the APSS assists the museum on special events days, such as the annual airshow.

The APSS is independent of the National Museum of Flight and this publication does not reflect the policies or opinion of the museum. Help and support from the National Museum of Flight is gratefully acknowledged however!



The APSS is a registered charity in Scotland, charity No. SC033307
A member of the British Aviation Preservation Council